A set of Symfony commands to dump/restore/anonymize database

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A set of Symfony Console Commands to interact with your database

  • Backup: Backup your database and manage your dumps with a simple command.
  • Restore: Easily restore a previous dump of your database.
  • Anonymize: Set up database anonymization with PHP attributes on Doctrine Entities or with a YAML configuration file.
  • Set up a GDPR-friendly workflow: Make it easier to follow GDPR best practices when importing production dump to other environments.


DbToolsBundle requires PHP 8.1 or higher and Symfony 6.0 or higher. Run the following command to install it in your application:

composer require makinacorpus/db-tools-bundle


Read DbToolsBundle documentation on Read the Docs.


The DbToolsBundle is an Open Source project, if you want to help check out the contribute page on the documentation.


This software is published under the MIT License.