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LUYA Headless Client

A client library to access content from the LUYA APIs (or any other REST API).

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Add the LUYA headless client library to your composer.json:

composer require luyadev/luya-headless


Quick intro about how to use the headless library with a custom Endpoint: Create the Api Class (this very similar to Active Record pattern):

class ApiCars extends \luya\headless\ActiveEdnpoint
    public $id;
    public $name;
    public $year;

    public function getEndpointName()
        return '{{api-cars}}';

With the new ApiCars class you can now insert, update or fetch data:

use luya\headless\Client;

// build client object with token and server infos
$client = new Client('API_TOKEN', 'http://localhost/luya-kickstarter/public_html');

// create new value
$car = new ApiCars();
$car->name = 'BMW';
$car->year = 2019;

// find a given user by its ID
$car = ApiCars::findOne(1, $client);
echo $car->name; // BMW
echo $car->year; // 2019

// update an existing value
$car->year = '2018';

// iterate all cars
$users = ApiCars::find()->setSort(['id' => SORT_ASC])->all($client);
foreach ($users->getModels() as $car) {
      echo $car->name;


See the full Documentation in order to see how to make put, delete or post request, handle pagination or access the cms blocks.

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