The "Php DDD Standard Edition" distribution in the LIN3S way

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The "Php DDD Standard" distribution in the LIN3S way.


In order to cooperate between different development teams we needed a foundation for projects based in a Domain-Driven Design approach. This serves as an opinionated PHP project base with an already available Symfony infrastructure to reduce the recurring task of creating the project skeleton. Finally, this repo contains some popular CMS ready to use that simplifies the content management. The main idea is to use the CMS as headless microservice that the main application consumes its information via REST API.

Getting Started

To create a new project based on this Php DDD Standard, you should do with composer:

$ composer create-project lin3s/php-ddd-standard <project-name> && cd <project-name>


All the documentation is stored in the docs folder.

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