The coding standards in the LIN3S way

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The coding standards in the LIN3S way.

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This package is created to centralize all the checks style of LIN3S projects, in an easy way to install all the tools and improving the maintainability. It is a flexible and customizable solution to automatize all related with coding standards. This library is focused to PHP, Javascript and Sass projects.

  • Checks if Composer json has changes, the lock must be committed too.
  • Fixes the PHP code with fully customizable PHP-CS-Fixer.
  • Lints the Twig files with TwigCS.
  • Checks mess detections with PHPMD.
  • Checks the Sass best practices with Stylelint.
  • Checks the code quality of Javascript files with ESLint.

This library is very focused to use as pre-commit hook so, this is the reason of Git PHP class exists. The checkers only validate the files that they are going to commit.


LIN3S's CS is a PHP console application so, it requires PHP itself. Apart of it, this library has the following requirements:

  1. Composer
$ curl -sS | php
  1. Node.js
$ npm install -g stylelint
$ npm install -g eslint     # >= v4.0.0
$ npm install -g eslint-plugin-class-property eslint-plugin-react eslint-plugin-babel babel-eslint

Getting started

The recommended and the most suitable way to install is through Composer. Be sure that the tool is installed in your system and execute the following command:

$ composer require lin3s/cs --dev

Then you have to update the composer.json with the following code:

"scripts": {
    "lin3scs-scripts": [
"extra": {
    "incenteev-parameters": {
        "file": ".lin3s_cs.yml",
        "dist-file": ".lin3s_cs.yml.dist"
    "scripts-dev": {
        "post-install-cmd": [
        "post-update-cmd": [

REMEMBER: The .lin3s_cs.yml file is generated dynamically with Composer. The best practices recommend that only track the .dist file ignoring the .lin3s_cs.yml inside .gitignore. In the same way, we recommend that, also, dynamically generated .phpspec_cs, .php_cs, .stylelintrc.js, .eslintrc.js and .editorconfig files, it should be ignored.

Use ESLint in a React.js environment

In LIN3S are building a lot of projects with React.js so, keeping in mind the simplicity of the configuration process the following lin3s are our requirements to standardize the JS code inside this environment.

# .lin3s_cs.yml


    # ...

            # ...
            - react
            react/display-name: off
            react/forbid-prop-types: off
            react/jsx-boolean-value: off
            react/jsx-closing-bracket-location: off
            react/jsx-curly-spacing: off
            react/jsx-indent-props: off
            react/jsx-max-props-per-line: off
            react/jsx-no-duplicate-props: error
            react/jsx-no-literals: off
            react/jsx-no-undef: error
            jsx-quotes: error
            react/jsx-sort-props: error
            react/jsx-uses-react: error
            react/jsx-uses-vars: error
            react/no-danger: error
            react/no-did-mount-set-state: error
            react/no-did-update-set-state: error
            react/no-direct-mutation-state: error
            react/no-set-state: off
            react/no-unknown-property: error
            react/prop-types: off
            react/react-in-jsx-scope: off
            react/require-extension: off
            react/self-closing-comp: off
            react/sort-comp: off
            react/sort-prop-types: error
            react/wrap-multilines: off

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