Security & Performance via static website publishing.

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Last update: 2021-01-20 13:14:52 UTC


A WordPress plugin for static site generation and deployment.

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Looking for the older style plugin? It's been renamed and improved as Static HTML Output.

Open Source over profits

WP2Static is an open source project, maintained by many generous developers over the years, including, but not limited to these contributors on GitHub. Source code for this core repository and all addons shall always remain publicly available.


Support Forum


Read about WP2Static's developers, contributors, supporters.

Versioning & branches

develop branch is considered unstable with latest code changes (current build status: codequality). develop branch should always have a -dev WordPress plugin version, ie 7.1.1-dev.

master branch should always reflect a stable release, such as 7.1.1, which should have a matching tag.

Beginner-friendly contributing

Please don't be intimidated to contribute code to this project. I welcome code in any way you're comfortable to contribute it (email, forum, diff). If you're new to GitHub and this kind of thing, the below guide may help you.

  1. Fork project with button in top of WP2static github home page
  2. Clone your project to your development computer (please, change by your account name):
    git clone https://github.com/<your-account>/wp2static.git
  3. Fork your new branch from develop naming with:
    1. If you want add new feature: feature-<name of your feature>
    2. If you want to fix a bug: bug-<name of bug>
      git checkout -b feature-myfeature
  4. Do your commits
  5. Push to your repository
    git push origin feature-myfeature
  6. Then go to your https://github.com//wp2static site and create a pull request:
    In base repository choose leonstafford/wp2static and choose development branch.
  7. After Pull Request is approved you need to sync repositories.
  8. In your local development add upstream branch:
    git remote add upstream https://github.com/leonstafford/wp2static
  9. Fetch upstream
    git fetch upstream
  10. Checkout your local branch:
    git checkout develop
  11. Merge upstream with your local:
    git merge upstream/develop
  12. You can now make new branches.

Working example

Preparing Repository

Fork project WP2static home page

git clone https://github.com/ebavs/wp2static.git # clone repository (please,change ebavs by yours, this is only an example)

Then add WP2Static remote

git remote add upstream https://github.com/leonstafford/wp2static # add remote

Working and Commiting

git checkout -b feature-newdocumentation # create new branch to do changes

git commit -am "my new commits" # send new changes

git push origin feature-myfeature # push to your repository

Then Pull Request in WP2Static

Sync Repository

git fetch upstream # download commits from wp2static repo

git checkout develop # change to local develop branch

git merge upstream/develop # merge with wpstatic develop branch

Publishing a new release

This is currently done by @leonstafford and involves these steps:

  • test code in develop branch
  • set a new dev version if needed, ie 7.1.1-dev
  • merge develop branch to master
  • adjust wp2static.php version to non-dev, ie 7.1.1
  • update CHANGELOG.md
  • create new git tag with matching version
  • push master branch and tag to GitHub
  • create new Release in GitHub with same notes as CHANGELOG
  • build zip installer and publish to wp2static.com with MD5 hash