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Welcome to Symfonator - Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template based on the Foundation of Symfony and Adminator!

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Welcome to Symfonator - Responsive Bootstrap 4 admin application based on the foundation of Symfony and Adminator HTML5 template! Preview of this application is available here



Symfonator preview



Install application using composer

$ composer create-project krzysiekpiasecki/symfonator --stability=dev
$ cd symfonator

Start MYSQL, create database and configure application database URL. Example shell commands are:

$ mysql # start MYSQL
$ mysqladmin -u MYSQL_USER_NAME -p create symfonator # Create database called symfonator
$ nano .env # Edit enviroments variables
# Change this line: DATABASE_URL=mysql://MYSQL_USER_NAME:PASSWORD@

Create application user and run HTTP server

$ bin/console doctrine:schema:create # Create database schema from entity model
$ bin/console fos:user:create --super-admin # Create first application user with admin privileges
$ bin/console server:run # Run http server