Executes Twig & PHP activities in a safe manner

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KnpUniversity Activity Runner

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## Usage

Setup a web server or start the built-in web server:

cd web
php -S localhost:8000

Grading is done via an API. But there is also a web interface to help grade and
create activities:

## Authoring Tool

To help create challenges, go to the authoring tool:


Here, enter the full path to a challenge class filename on your filesystem. The
next page will allow you to play with the challenge and test it.

## Contributing

Isses and feature requests go to  [GitHub Issue Tracker][issue-tracker]. Pull
requests are very welcome, as always!

## Running the Tests

Activity Runner uses PHPUnit for tests. Simply execute PHPUnit from the
project's root directory:

    $ phpunit

## License

KnpUniversity Activity Runner is released under the MIT License. See the bundled
LICENSE file for details.