Klarna Checkout PHP SDK

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Welcome to Klarna. Smoooth payments.

Klarna Checkout

A full checkout experience embedded on your site. It lets your customers check out on your site with only their email and ZIP, and pay with the major payment methods including the specific Klarna payment methods. All available in one integration.

Klarna Payments

Klarna offers three payment methods. Pay now, Pay later and Slice it. It offers your consumers to try before they buy, finance purchases on your store, or make use of other payment options made available by Klarna.

Getting started

SDK covers all of Klarna API: https://developers.klarna.com/api/


API Credentials

Before getting a production account you can get a playground one. Register here to be able to test your SDK integration before go live:

Later you need to register as a Klarna merchant to get a production credentials

PHP SDK Installation and Usage

To install the PHP SDK from the Central Composer repository use composer:

composer require klarna/kco_rest

Highly recommended to use version tag when installing SDK.

composer require klarna/kco_rest:

Detailed information about the PHP SDK package and a list of available versions can be found here: https://packagist.org/packages/klarna/kco_rest

Include the SDK into your PHP file using the Composer autoloader:



Documentation and Examples

Klarna API documentation: https://developers.klarna.com/api/
SDK References: https://klarna.github.io/kco_rest_php/

Example files can be found in the docs/ directory.
Additional documentation can be found at https://developers.klarna.com.

Logging and Debugging

PHP SDK logs information to STDOUT/STDERR. To enable debug mode, set DEBUG_SDK environment variable:

$ DEBUG_SDK=true php <your_program.php>


$ export DEBUG_SDK=1
$ php <your_program.php>

Another way to enable Debugging Mode is define the DEBUG_SDK inside your script:

// some code here
define('DEBUG_SDK', true);
// some code here

The output will look like:

    GET : https://api.playground.klarna.com/customer-token/v1/tokens/TOKEN
Headers : {"User-Agent":["Library\/Klarna.kco_rest_php_3.1.0 (Guzzle\/6.3.3; curl\/7.54.0) OS\/Darwin_17.5.0 Language\/PHP_5.6.37"]}
   Body :

DEBUG MODE: Response
Headers : {"Content-Type":["application\/json"],"Date":["Wed, 15 Aug 2018 15:55:53 GMT"],"Klarna-Correlation-Id":["ABC-123"],"Server":["openresty"],"Content-Length":["62"],"Connection":["keep-alive"]}
   Body : {
     "status" : "ACTIVE",
     "payment_method_type" : "INVOICE"

Questions and feedback

If you have any questions concerning this product or the implementation, please create an issue: https://github.com/klarna/kco_rest_php/issues/new/choose

Use an official Klarna Contact us form (https://klarna.com) if you have a question about the integration.

How to contribute

At Klarna, we strive toward achieving the highest possible quality for our products. Therefore, we require you to follow these guidelines if you wish to contribute.

To contribute, the following criteria needs to be fulfilled:

  • Description regarding what has been changed and why
  • Pull requests should implement a boxed change
  • All code and documentation must follow the PSR-2 standard
  • New features and bug fixes must have accompanying unit tests:
    • Positive tests
    • Negative tests
    • Boundary tests (if possible)
    • No less than 90% decision coverage
  • All tests should pass


Klarna Checkout REST PHP SDK is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0