This library provides a CLI to help handling a website made with Kiwa.

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Kiwa Console

This library provides a CLI to help handling a website made with Kiwa.


This library is made for the use with Composer. Add it to your project by running $ composer require kiwa/console.

Please note: The easiest way to create a website with Kiwa is by using the Website Skeleton. It will create all the needed files and loads the kiwa/core along with the kiwa/console as dependencies.

Available Commands

introductionShows the introduction.
assets:installInstalls all asset files.
basic:metatagsDefines basic meta tags.
cache:clearDeletes all cache files.
composer:json:updateUpdates the composer.json file.
config:convertConverts the config file into another format.
config:updateUpdates configuration files.
config:validateValidates the config file.
files:updateUpdates all static files.
language:defineDefines the language handling.
page:createCreates a new page.
robotstxt:createCreates a robots.txt file.
server:startStarts a local PHP server.
translation:clearClears all translation files.
translation:find-missingFinds missing translations.
translation:sortSorts all translations.
translation:unused:removeFinds unused translations in the language files.
url:defineDefines the url structure.


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