Additional transports and serializer support for symfony messenger

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This library provides additional transports (and other things) for the symfony messenger component.


composer require kcs/messenger-extra


Doctrine DBAL

A transport using doctrine DBAL can be used through the DbalTransportFactory.

Supports delayed, prioritized, expiring (TTL) and unique messages.

The dsn supports the following schemes:

  • db2
  • mssql
  • mysql
  • mysql2
  • postgres
  • postgresql
  • pgsql
  • sqlite
  • sqlite3

Doctrine ORM

An existing ORM connection can be used with doctrine scheme.

For example doctrine://default/queue will use the default doctrine connection with the queue table.

The doctrine scheme will also register a postGenerateSchema event listener that will create the correct table during a schema update (or migration if using DoctrineMigrations)


Transport using MongoDB PHP client as transport.

Supports delayed, prioritized, expiring (TTL) and unique messages.

Use DSN with mongodb scheme with /database/collection path (database default and queue collection are used if not specified).

Mongodb authentication

For authenticated database, with user configured per database, you could specify authSource option in DSN query string:


⚠️ NOTE that if a username is passed in DSN the authSource connection option is already added to the mongo uri when passing to the client library. Its value is equal to the database selected (default if missing).

ℹ️ For information about the supported options in mongo DSN you can check the official documentation page on PHP.net


Useful for testing environments, where no message should be dispatched.

Messages utilities


Allows to specify a message delay. Implement this in your message class to delay the delivery of your message.


Allows the expiration of a message. Implement this interface if you want your message to expire after a given amount of time.


Adds a message only once in the queue. If another message with the same uniqueness key is present, the message is discarded.


Version Compatible Symfony Version Build Status
>= 2.2.0 ^4.4, ^5.0 Tests
2.0, 2.1 ^4.3, ^5.0 Not available
1.x 4.2.* Not available

Symfony bundle

A symfony bundle is included in the code under /lib: Use MessengerExtraBundle to fully integrate this library into your symfony application. Just add this to bundles.php:

    Kcs\MessengerExtra\MessengerExtraBundle::class => ['all' => true],

Available transports and functionalities will be registered automatically.

Amazing things will come shortly.

License & Contribute

This library is released under MIT license.

Feel free to open an issue or a PR on GitHub. If you want to contribute to this project, you're welcome!