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PHPChunkit is a library that sits on top of PHPUnit and adds additional functionality to make it easier to work with large unit and functional test suites. The primary feature is test chunking and database sandboxing which gives you the ability to run your tests in parallel chunks on the same server or across multiple servers.

In order to run functional tests in parallel on the same server, you need to have a concept of database sandboxing. You are responsible for implementing the sandbox preparation, database creation, and sandbox cleanup. PHPChunkit provides a framework for you to hook in to so you can prepare your application environment sandbox.

Parallel Execution Example

Imagine you have 100 tests and each test takes 1 second. When the tests are ran serially, it will take 100 seconds to complete. But if you split the 100 tests in to 10 even chunks and run the chunks in parallel, it will in theory take only 10 seconds to complete.

Now imagine you have a two node Jenkins cluster. You can spread the run of each chunk across the 2 servers with 5 parallel jobs running on each server:

Jenkins Server #1 with 5 job workers

phpchunkit --num-chunks=10 --chunk=1 --sandbox --create-dbs
phpchunkit --num-chunks=10 --chunk=2 --sandbox --create-dbs
phpchunkit --num-chunks=10 --chunk=3 --sandbox --create-dbs
phpchunkit --num-chunks=10 --chunk=4 --sandbox --create-dbs
phpchunkit --num-chunks=10 --chunk=5 --sandbox --create-dbs

Jenkins Server #2 with 5 job workers

phpchunkit --num-chunks=10 --chunk=6 --sandbox --create-dbs
phpchunkit --num-chunks=10 --chunk=7 --sandbox --create-dbs
phpchunkit --num-chunks=10 --chunk=8 --sandbox --create-dbs
phpchunkit --num-chunks=10 --chunk=9 --sandbox --create-dbs
phpchunkit --num-chunks=10 --chunk=10 --sandbox --create-dbs


PHPChunkit Screenshot


Install in your project with composer:

composer require jwage/phpchunkit

Install globally with composer:

composer global require jwage/phpchunkit
ln -s /home/youruser/.composer/vendor/bin/phpchunkit /usr/local/bin/phpchunkit
cd /path/to/your/project

Install Phar:

wget https://github.com/jwage/phpchunkit/raw/master/phpchunkit.phar
chmod +x phpchunkit.phar
sudo mv phpchunkit.phar /usr/local/bin/phpchunkit
cd /path/to/your/project


As mentioned above in the introduction, you are responsible for implementing the sandbox preparation, database creation and sandbox cleanup processes by adding EventDispatcher listeners. You can listen for the following events:

  • sandbox.prepare - Use the Events::SANDBOX_PREPARE constant.
  • databases.create - Use the Events::DATABASES_CREATE constant.
  • sandbox.cleanup - Use the Events::SANDBOX_CLEANUP constant.

Take a look at the listeners implemented in this projects test suite for an example:


Here is an example phpchunkit.xml file. Place this in the root of your project:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



        <listener event="sandbox.prepare">

        <listener event="sandbox.cleanup">

        <listener event="databases.create">

The tests/phpchunkit_bootstrap.php file is loaded after the XML is loaded and gives you the ability to do more advanced things with the Configuration.

Here is an example:


use PHPChunkit\Events;

// Manipulate $configuration which is an instance of PHPChunkit\Configuration

/** @var PHPChunkit\Configuration $configuration */

$rootDir = $configuration->getRootDir();

$configuration = $configuration
        sprintf('%s/src', $rootDir),
        sprintf('%s/tests', $rootDir)
    ->setTestsDirectory(sprintf('%s/tests', $rootDir))
    ->setPhpunitPath(sprintf('%s/vendor/bin/phpunit', $rootDir))
    ->setDatabaseNames(['testdb1', 'testdb2'])

$eventDispatcher = $configuration->getEventDispatcher();

$eventDispatcher->addListener(Events::SANDBOX_PREPARE, function() {
    // prepare the sandbox

$eventDispatcher->addListener(Events::SANDBOX_CLEANUP, function() {
    // cleanup the sandbox

$eventDispatcher->addListener(Events::DATABASES_CREATE, function() {
    // create databases

Available Commands

Run all tests:


Run just unit tests:

phpchunkit --exclude-group=functional

Run 4 chunks of tests across 2 parallel processes:

phpchunkit --exclude-group=functional --num-chunks=4 --parallel=2

Run all functional tests:

phpchunkit --group=functional

Run a specific chunk of functional tests:

phpchunkit --num-chunks=5 --chunk=1

Run test paths that match a filter:

phpchunkit --filter=BuildSandbox

Run a specific file:

phpchunkit --file=tests/Command/BuildSandboxTest.php

Run tests that contain the given content:

phpchunkit --contains="SOME_CONSTANT_NAME"

Run tests that do not contain the given content:

phpchunkit --group=functional --not-contains="SOME_CONSTANT_NAME"

Run tests for changed files:

Note: This relies on git to know which files have changed.

phpchunkit --changed

Watch your code for changes and run tests:

phpchunkit watch

Create databases:

phpchunkit create-dbs

Generate a test skeleton from a class:

phpchunkit generate "MyProject\ClassName"

Save the generated test to a file:

phpchunkit generate "MyProject\ClassName" --file=tests/MyProject/Test/ClassNameTest.php

Pass through options to PHPUnit when running tests:

phpchunkit --phpunit-opt="--coverage-html /path/to/save/coverage"

List all the available options:

phpchunkit --help

Help information for setting up PHPChunkit:

phpchunkit setup

Demo Project

Take a look at jwage/phpchunkit-demo to see how it can be integrated in to an existing PHPUnit project.


Please join irc.freenode.net/phpchunkit to ask questions.