This bundle provides a way to keep track of your social media accounts with Symfony2

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Last update: 2024-06-12 03:14:15 UTC


##Installation Load the bundle in app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            new SocialStatsBundle\SocialStatsBundle()

Run composer update or install to make sure you have all necessary vendors installed.

Update your doctrine schema

php app/console doctrine:schema:update --force

You are now ready to configure the bundle.

##Bundle configuration The following is required in your config.yml file.

        api_key: %social_stats.twitter.api_key%
        api_secret: %social_stats.twitter.api_secret%
        access_token: %social_stats.twitter.access_token%
        access_token_secret: %social_stats.twitter.access_token_secret%
        owner_id: %social_stats.twitter.api_owner_id%
        app_id: %social_stats.facebook.app_id%
        api_secret: %social_stats.facebook.api_secret%

You need to specify your Facebook pages and Twitter names in the parameters.yml file. Your API authentication info goes here too.

    social_stats.twitter.api_key: "EDIT ME"
    social_stats.twitter.api_secret: "EDIT ME"
    social_stats.twitter.access_token: "EDIT ME"
    social_stats.twitter.access_token_secret: "EDIT ME"
    social_stats.twitter.api_owner_id: "1234567890"
        - "Intracto"
        - "..."

    social_stats.facebook.app_id: "123456789012345"
    social_stats.facebook.api_secret: "EDIT ME"
        - "intracto"
        - "..."

##Data structure

Every log has following properties.

Property Description
ID A unique identifier
Timestamp A datetime field
Source Source of data. E.g. Facebook
Account Account of which we logged data. E.g. Intracto
Type Type of data we logged E.g. likes
Content Actual data. E.g. 15695

##Logging social media

Set up a cron job to execute these commands from the Symfony console. You can choose how often you log, but every 12 hours is recommended.

php app/console socialstats:log:facebook:page-likes-count
php app/console socialstats:log:twitter:follower-count

These commands will use the usernames or pagenames set up in your parameters.yml file, so make sure these are correct.

##Generating dummy data When you have set up a few usernames or pagenames, you can create some dummy data to check out the functionality of this bundle. You do this by executing following command.

php app/console socialstats:generator:log-dummy-data

This will generate dummy data logs, for each account specified in parameters.yml. 100 logs will be created for each type (Likes, Follower count) of each social network (Facebook and Twitter).

php app/console socialstats:generator:log-dummy-data --quantity=50 Twitter

You can change the quantity and the social network (a.k.a. source) as you desire.

** Keep in mind that the command will not generate 50 logs in total. **

It will generate 50 logs for each username/page of all the logging types available for the source type.