This module offers a quiz

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Last update: 2023-09-11 08:32:24 UTC


This bundle offers a simple quiz with submission (if needed).

Warning: This bundle is abandoned

This bundle is abandoned and will not be further developed. We recommend usung Survey Bundle.


With composer and Contao 4 Managed Edition:

composer require heimrichhannot/contao-quiz-bundle ~1.0


  • Module QuizReader
  • Module QuizSubmission
  • creating simple quiz with custom evaluation, answers and answer descriptions
  • submission
  • adding content element to evaluation, answer and answer description

Creating a quiz

alt quiz

Adding submission to quiz

alt submission

To adding a submission to your quiz, create a quiz submission module, select 'add submission', select your submission archive and add the quiz submission module to your evaluation. See here how to add a submission archive (https://github.com/heimrichhannot/contao-submissions).

Adding evaluation to quiz

alt evaluation

Adding questions to quiz

alt question

Adding answers to question


Adding answer description to answer

If you want to explain why the answer is either correct or false simply add a description to the answer. Otherwise there will just stand correct or false as solving. alt answerDescription


Tag Arguments Example Description
huh_quiz_total_score QUIZ_ID {{huh_quiz_total_score::8}} Returns the total possible score of the quiz
huh_quiz_current_score - {{huh_quiz_current_score}} Returns the current score of the "player" from session
huh_quiz MODULE_ID,QUIZ_ID {{huh_quiz::12::8}} Returns the quiz with the given id