Symfony bundle to manage fixtures with Alice and Faker.

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A Symfony bundle to manage fixtures with nelmio/alice and fzaninotto/Faker.

The database support is done in FidryAliceDataFixtures. Check this project to know which database/ORM is supported.

Warning: this doc is behind updated for HautelookAliceBundle 2.0. If you want to check the documentation for 1.x, head this way.

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  1. Install
  2. Basic usage
  3. Advanced usage
    1. Enabling databases
    2. Environment specific fixtures
    3. Fixtures parameters
      1. Alice parameters
      2. Application parameters
    4. Use service factories
  4. Custom Faker Providers
  5. Custom Alice Processors
  6. Resources

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Example of installation:

# If you are using Symfony standard edition, you can skip this step
composer require doctrine/doctrine-bundle doctrine/orm:^2.5

composer require --dev hautelook/alice-bundle:^2.0@beta \
  nelmio/alice:^3.0@beta \
  theofidry/alice-data-fixtures:^1.0@beta \

Explanation: HautelookAliceBundle uses FidryAliceDataFixtures for the persistence layer. As FidryAliceDataFixtures is compatible with different databases/ORM, one cannot be installed by default. In the example above, we are using Doctrine ORM which requires doctrine/orm doctrine/orm-bundle doctrine/data-fixtures.

Then, enable the bundle by updating your app/AppKernel.php file to enable the bundle:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = [
        new Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\FrameworkBundle(),
        // ...
        new Doctrine\Bundle\DoctrineBundle\DoctrineBundle(),
    if (in_array($this->getEnvironment(), ['dev', 'test'])) {
        $bundles[] = new Nelmio\Alice\Bridge\Symfony\NelmioAliceBundle();
        $bundles[] = new Fidry\AliceDataFixtures\Bridge\Symfony\FidryAliceDataFixturesBundle();
        $bundles[] = new Hautelook\AliceBundle\HautelookAliceBundle();

    return $bundles;

Configure the bundle to your needs (example with default values):

# app/config/config_dev.yml

    fixtures_path: 'Resources/fixtures/orm' # Path to which to look for fixtures relative to the project directory or the bundle path.

Basic usage

Assuming you are using Doctrine, make sure you have the doctrine/doctrine-bundle and doctrine/data-fixtures packages installed.

Then create a fixture file in app/Resources/fixtures/orm:

# app/Resources/fixtures/orm/dummy.yml

        name: <name()>
        related_dummy: '@related_dummy*'
# app/Resources/fixtures/orm/related_dummy.yml

        name: <name()>

Then simply load your fixtures with the doctrine command php bin/console hautelook:fixtures:load.

If you want to load the fixtures of a bundle only, do php bin/console hautelook:fixtures:load -b MyFirstBundle -b MySecondBundle.

See more.
Next chapter: Advanced usage



This bundle was originaly developped by Baldur RENSCH and HauteLook. It is now maintained by Théo FIDRY.

Other contributors.