Skeleton App for microsites

dev-master 2019-12-30 02:29 UTC



Using Composer

composer create-project gosoft/s3-skeleton=dev-master


git clone https://github.com/braian125/s3-skeleton.git

Run it

1. run composer install
2. run npm i, on linux run with sudo (optional)
3. run npm install -g grunt, on linux run with sudo (optional)
4. Copy the .env.example file and rename it as .env, in the file configure your development environment variables
5. Serving your application using built-in PHP development server: php -S localhost:8080 -t public


  • app: Application code
  • app/Controller: All controllers files within the App\Controller namespace
  • app/Models: All models files within the App\Models namespace
  • app/Middleware: All middlewares files within the App\Middleware namespace
  • resources/views: Twig template files
  • resources/assets: The less work you have to do when performing repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, unit testing, linting, etc, the easier your job becomes.
  • public: Webserver root
  • vendor: Composer dependencies
  • node_modules: npm dependencies

How to use Grunt?


run grunt dev


run grunt dist

Command Line

Create Controller

php skeleton create:controller yourcontrollername

Create Model

php skeleton create:model yourmodelname

Create Migration

php skeleton create:migration yourmigrationname

php skeleton migrate

php skeleton rollback

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