PHP library for transliteration.

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v1.1.0 2014-11-23 00:00 UTC


PHP library for transliteration.

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  • PHP 5.4 and later

Install via Composer

php composer.phar require fresh/transliteration='v1.1.0'

Available transliteration methods

From To Rules Ukrainian
Ukrainian English
English Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №55 dated January 27, 2010



namespace Acme;

use Fresh\Transliteration\Transliterator;
use Fresh\Transliteration\UkrainianToEnglish;

class Foo
    public function bar($text)
        // You can use in this way
        $transliterator = new Transliterator();
        $transliteratedText = $transliterator->ukToEn($text);

        // Or like this
        $transliteratedText = UkrainianToEnglish::transliterate($ukrainianText);

Some examples of Ukrainian-to-English transliteration

Ukrainian text English
Transliterated text Володимир Volodymyr Богдан Bohdan Жанна Zhanna Наталія Nataliia Олексій Oleksii Уляна Uliana Юрій Yurii