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0.10.14 2020-11-17 15:15 UTC


Warning! Beta version. Please add tasks here if you find errors. I will try to fix them quickly

CMS, based on Yii2 modular system and extension yii2-crud-fields. All system modules are standalone Yii2 modules and can be used separately from CMS.

List of system features and modules:

Feature Module Extended by modules Development status
Aliases for urls of records like page and logging their changes execut/yii2-alias yii2-files, yii2-images, yii2-news, yii2-pages, yii2-shops Complete
Goods execut/yii2-goods yii2-files, yii2-pages Complete
Files execut/yii2-files yii2-alias, yii2-goods, yii2-images, yii2-pages, yii2-seo Complete
Images execut/yii2-images yii2-files Complete
Menus execut/yii2-menu yii2-pages Complete
Site pages content execut/yii2-pages yii2-alias, yii2-files, yii2-goods, yii2-menu, yii2-seo, yii2-sitemap, yii2-settings Complete
SEO metadata execut/yii2-seo yii2-files, yii2-pages Complete
Site settings execut/yii2-settings yii2-rbac Complete
Robots.txt generation execut/yii2-robots-txt - Complete
Sitemap generation execut/yii2-sitemap yii2-pages, yii2-news, yii2-shops In progress
Site settings execut/yii2-settings yii2-pages, yii2-news, yii2-shops Complete
Information pages about chain of stores execut/yii2-shops yii2-seo In progress
Blog, articles and news execut/yii2-news yii2-seo In progress
Users manager execut/yii2-users yii2-rbac In progress
RBAC manager execut/yii2-rbac yii2-users In progress
Feedback execut/yii2-feedback yii2-users, yii2-antispam, yii2-settings In progress
Antispam protection execut/yii2-antispam - In progress
Orders execut/yii2-orders yii2-goods New
Basket execut/yii2-basket yii2-orders, yii2-antispam New

Supported databases:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL


The easiest installation method is to install over of a yiisoft/yii2-app-advanced based application. To install Yii2 CMS into your project, you need to take only three steps:

  1. Connect the CMS package
    1. If you have an existing project, you can connect the package by running the command composer require execut/yii2-cms.
    2. If you are going to deploy Yii2 CMS on a new application, you can install a prepared project-template execut/yii2-cms-advanced-template. Installation instructions here.
  2. Apply migrations ./yii migrate/up --interactive 0
  3. Create an admin user with the command ./yii cms/users/create-admin admin password email@example.com, where: admin - login, password - password, email@example.com - user email


If you used standard layers layouts/main.php in the in backend and frontend applications, then after installing the CMS, they should be redefined. All CMS content is displayed in these layers. If this did not happen, then you are using non-standard layers, and the CMS did not reassign them, thinking that you want to use your own. To use custom layer, you need to display all the elements for the CMS to work in it in the likeness of these two: frontend.php and backend.php.

The backend application should start displaying sections and a menu should appear: i/backend-pages.jpg

In this case, the frontend application should show pages along with the menu: i/backend-pages.jpg