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IDNA Convert (idna_convert.class.php) prepared to packagist.

IDNA Convert is a fork of phlyLabs pure PHP IDNA Converter ( It converts internationalized domain names between UTF-8 and ASCII (punycode) notation. Orginal package is in directory lib/phlylabs.

You should used orginal package mso/idna-convert (


Via composer

Add the package to your composer.json file:

  "require": {
    "etechnika/idna-convert": "1.0.*"

Run composer.phar update.


The following example describes basic usage.


use Etechnika\IdnaConvert\IdnaConvert as IdnaConvert;
IdnaConvert::encodeString( 'żół' ); // prints ''
IdnaConvert::decodeString( '' ); // prints 'żół'