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Codeception module for supporting parameter notation in Gherkin features

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The Codeception module for supporting parameter notation in Gherkin scenario.

Minimum Requirements

  • Codeception 3.x, 4.x
  • PHP 7.4 - 8.0 (use release 2.0.6 for older PHP versions)


The module can be installed using Composer

composer require edno/codeception-gherkin-param --dev

Be sure to enable the module in codeception.yml as shown in configuration below.


Enabling Gherkin Param is done in codeception.yml.

        - Codeception\Extension\GherkinParam

From version 2.0, GherkinParam is now a module. If you are upgrading from 1.x to 2.x, then you'll have to update your Codeception configuration.


The version 2 introduces two new configuration parameters for customizing runtime behaviour when the scenario parameters are invalid or not initialized (see PR#23 and PR#26).

By default GherkinParam behaviour is to keep the parameter string unchanged when the replacement value for a parameter cannot be found, ie the parameter does not exist or is not accessible.


If true then GherkinParam will throw a exception GherkinParam at runtime when a replacement value cannot be found for a parameter:

        - Codeception\Extension\GherkinParam:
            onErrorThrowException: true

If onErrorThrowException is set then it will override onErrorNullable.


If true then GherkinParam will set to null parameters for which a replacement value cannot be found:

        - Codeception\Extension\GherkinParam:
            onErrorNullable: true


Once installed you will be able to access variables stored using Fixtures.

Simple parameters

In scenario steps, the variables can be accessed using the syntax {{param}}.
While executing your features the variables will be automatically replaced by their value.

Array parameters

You can refer to an element in an array using the syntax {{param[key]}}.

Test Suite Config parameters

You can refer to a test suite configuration parameter using the syntax {{config:param}}.
Note that the keyword config: is mandatory.


Feature: Parametrize Gherkin Feature
  In order to create dynamic Gherkin scenario
  As a tester
  I need to be able to share data between scenario steps

  Scenario: Scenario using simple parameter
    Given I have a parameter "test" with value "42"
    Then I should see "{{test}}" equals "42"

  Scenario: Scenario using array parameter
    Given I have an array "test" with values [1, two, 3.14, IV, 101]
    Then I should see "{{test[1]}}" equals "two"

  Scenario: Scenario using config parameter
    Given I have a configuration file "acceptance.suite.yml" containing
      theResponse: 42
    When I execute a scenario calling the parameter 'theResponse'
    Then I should see "{{config:theResponse}}" equals "42"

The steps definition in AcceptanceTester.php do not require any change

 * @Given I have a parameter :param with value :value
 public function iHaveAParameterWithValue($param, $value)
   Fixtures::add($param, $value);

 * @Then I should see :arg1 equals :arg2
 public function iSeeEqual($arg1, $arg2)
   $this->assertEquals($arg1, $arg2);

You can find more examples in the test folder.


Contributions, issues and feature requests are very welcome. If you are using this package and fixed a bug for yourself, please consider submitting a PR!


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