Convert text to speech using web services

1.3.0 2019-04-06 14:05 UTC


A PHP library to convert text to speech using various services

Full documentation is available at http://duncan3dc.github.io/speaker/
PHPDoc API documentation is also available at http://duncan3dc.github.io/speaker/api/

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Quick Example

$google = new \duncan3dc\Speaker\Providers\GoogleProvider;
$tts = new \duncan3dc\Speaker\TextToSpeech("Hello World", $google);
file_put_contents("/tmp/hello.mp3", $tts->getAudioData());

Read more at http://duncan3dc.github.io/speaker/


  • Acapela - Paid voice as a service
  • AmazonPolly - AWS service with a 12 month free tier
  • Google - Unadvertised service with 100 character limit
  • Picotts - An offline command line version
  • ResponsiveVoice - Unadvertised service running over a javascript engine
  • Voice RSS - Free/paid service requires registration


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Where to get help

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