A non-blocking session manager

2.0.1 2019-06-21 20:23 UTC


A non-blocking session handler for PHP

Full documentation is available at http://duncan3dc.github.io/sessions/
PHPDoc API documentation is also available at http://duncan3dc.github.io/sessions/api/

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Quick Examples

$session = new \duncan3dc\Sessions\SessionInstance("my-app");
$session->set("current-status", 4);
$currentStatus = $session->get("current-status");

Avoid common key clashes:

$session->set("user", "Mark");

$backend = $session->createNamespace("backend");
$backend->set("user", "Caroline");

$session->get("user"); # "Mark"
$backend->get("user"); # "Caroline"

Store one-time flash messages:

$session->setFlash("message", "Your profile has been updated");

$session->getFlash("message"); # "Your profile has been updated";

$session->getFlash("message"); # null;

There is also a static class you can use with all the features above:

use \duncan3dc\Sessions\Session;

Session::set("current-status", 4);
$currentStatus = Session::get("current-status");

Read more at http://duncan3dc.github.io/sessions/


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Where to get help

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