Use Laravel Blade templates without the full Laravel framework

4.8.0 2019-10-12 17:57 UTC


Use Laravel Blade templates as a standalone component without the full Laravel framework

Full documentation is available at http://duncan3dc.github.io/blade/
PHPDoc API documentation is also available at http://duncan3dc.github.io/blade/api/

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Quick Examples

Output the view from /var/www/views/index.blade.php:

use duncan3dc\Laravel\BladeInstance;

$blade = new BladeInstance("/var/www/views", "/var/www/cache/views");

echo $blade->render("index");

There is also a static class available:

use duncan3dc\Laravel\Blade;

echo Blade::render("index");

Read more at http://duncan3dc.github.io/blade/


A Changelog has been available since version 2.0.0

Where to get help

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Alternatively you can catch me on Twitter