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DevOps for Private APIs

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DreamFactory is an API generation solution best known for its ability to automatically generate secure and documented APIs for databases like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Snowflake, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MongoDB. It is built on top of the Laravel framework, and includes a convenient web-based administration client. So what can you do with DreamFactory?



  • Install DreamFactory and all of the required dependencies in less than 5 minutes using our installers for CentOS/RHEL, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu.
  • Docker provides a Docker compose image or you can build your own.
  • Our Helm chart provides a convenient way to install DreamFactory within your Kubernetes cluster.
  • Raspberry Pi allows you to configure DreamFactory on everybody's favorite tiny computer.

Installing on Heroku

Heroku users can easily install DreamFactory by clicking on the below button. Keep in mind like many Heroku add-ons DreamFactory comes with some limitations such as the inability to deploy a local file system-based REST API due to Heroku's file system write limitations. Additionally, DreamFactory lacks support for multiple dynos. Regardless of these limitations, it's a breeze to get started using DreamFactory on Heroku so give it a whirl!


Contact us for more information if you're interested in a feature complete version (whether hosted in our cloud environment or on-premise). Or just spin up a playground instance right now!

DreamFactory's Cloud Playground

Start testing for free with our cloud playground now by creating a DreamFactory instance at https://genie.dreamfactory.com/.


Learn more about DreamFactory's many features by reading our Getting Started Guide. Additional platform documentation can be found on the DreamFactory wiki.


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Ask and answer StackOverflow questions with the dreamfactory tag Check out our community forum, ask questions, and discuss project direction Tweet to @dfsoftwareinc or with the #dreamfactory hashtag

Commercial Licenses

In need of official technical support? Desire access to REST API generators for SQL Server, Oracle, SOAP, or mobile push notifications? Require API limiting and/or auditing? Schedule a demo with our team!

Feedback and Contributions

Feedback is welcome on our forum or in the form of pull requests and/or issues. Contributions should follow the strategy outlined in "Contributing to a project".