DreamFactory(tm) Email Services

0.10.3 2020-05-15 13:19 UTC


Note: This repository contains the email code of the DreamFactory platform. If you want the full DreamFactory platform, visit the main DreamFactory repository.


Documentation for the platform can be found on the DreamFactory wiki.


For more information, see the full platform repository.

Edit your project’s composer.json to require the following package.

	"dreamfactory/df-email": "~0.8.0"

Save your composer.json and do a "composer update" to install the package.

Feedback and Contributions

  • Feedback is welcome in the form of pull requests and/or issues.
  • Contributions should generally follow the strategy outlined in "Contributing to a project"
  • All pull requests must be in a "git flow" feature branch and formatted as PSR-2 compliant to be considered.


The DreamFactory email services are open-sourced software available for use under the Apache Version 2.0 license.