A set of tools to dump / upload / port workouts from different online sport trackers to another (ex endomondo.com, flow.polar.com, strava.com). Also provides helper classes for parsing sport data.

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A set of tools to dump / upload / port workouts from / to online sport trackers.

Supported trackers:

  • endomondo.com
  • strava.com
  • flow.polar.com
  • strava.com

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Install PHP 5.4 or newer and composer.

git clone https://github.com/dragosprotung/SportTrackerConnector.git
composer.phar install


Copy or rename config.example.yml to config.yml Make sure you fill up the values with your credentials. Some trackers (ex. strava.com) have more complex authentication mechanism. For that see help connector help for a list of specific tracker commands and help.

Example is strava.com: connector strava:get-token


You will need to create a config.yml file and put in your credentials for the services. You can rename and modify config.example.yml

Available commands for working with workouts:

  • dump:workout Fetch a workout from a tracker and save it to a file (gpx, json, etc).
  • dump:multi Fetch multiple workouts from a date interval with resume functionality.
  • upload:sync Copy a workout / multiple workouts from one tracker to another.
  • upload:workout Upload a workout file to a tracker.