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This TYPO3 extension provides an opt-in process via fluid mails.

What it does in short:

  • Can be triggered to send an Opt-In-E-Mail
  • Processes the verification via activation link in email.
  • triggers a opt-in validation success event.
  • Adds opt-in information to tca.


Install TYPO3 via composer.
From project root you need to run

composer require dmk/mkoptin

Start a new opt-in process

class MyAwesomeManager
    private OptinManager $optinManager;

    public function __construct(
        OptinManager $optinManager
    ) {
        $this->optinManager = $optinManager;
    protected function handleOptIn(string $email): void
        $optin = $this->optinManager->createOptinForEmail($email);

        // opt in already done :)
        if ($optin->isValidated()) {
            // opt-in already performed, do your finalize stuff here


        // opt-in outstanding, send opt-in mail
        // finalize stuff has to be performed by event listener after opt-in validation


register opt-in validation success event listeners

Why we need this?
To do things after the email has been verified, such as activate the record or send confirmation emails.

                name: 'event.listener'
                identifier: 'MyAwesomeOptinValidationSuccessEventListener'
                event: DMK\Optin\Event\OptinValidationSuccessEvent
class OptinValidationSuccessEventListener
    private MyAwesomeManager $manager;

    public function __construct(
        MyAwesomeManager $manager
    ) {
        $this->manager = $manager;

    public function __invoke(OptinValidationSuccessEvent $event): void

class MyAwesomeManager
    public function handleOptinValidation(Optin $optin): void
        // opt-in performed, do your finalize stuff here

Add opt-in information to TCA

In order to output the opt-in information for a data record, the following TCA column must be added:

return [
    'columns' => [
        'optin' => [
            'label' => 'LLL:EXT:mkoptin/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_db.xlf:tx_mkoptin_domain_model_optin',
            'config' => [
                'type' => 'user',
                'renderType' => 'optInStateElement',

OptIn State Element

WARNING: Currently the field in the data record must always be email!


plugin {
    tx_mkoptin {
        view {
            templateRootPath = EXT:myawesomeextension/Resources/Private/Templates/Optin
            partialRootPath = EXT:myawesomeextension/Resources/Private/Partials/Optin
            layoutRootPath = EXT:myawesomeextension/Resources/Private/Layouts/Optin


  • Implement table email field configuration