A simple Object Oriented wrapper for DMM API, written with PHP

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Official Direct Mail Manager v3 SDK for PHP

A simple Object-Oriented wrapper for DMM API, written with PHP.

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  • Light and fast thanks to lazy loading of API classes


First, you will need to first create an account at and obtain your Live API Key. You may access your API Keys from the Settings > API Keys after you've created an account.


Getting started


To install the SDK you will need to be using Composer in your project. To install it please see the docs.

composer require directmailmanager/php-dmm-api

The package (directmailmanager/php-dmm-api) is not tied to any specific library that sends HTTP messages. Instead, it uses Httplug to let users choose whichever PSR-7 implementation and HTTP client they want to use.

If you just want to get started quickly you should run the following command:

composer require directmailmanager/php-dmm-api php-http/curl-client 

This is basically what the metapackage (directmailmanager/php-dmm-api) provides.

This will install the library as well as an HTTP client adapter that use Guzzle as a transport method (provided by Httplug).You do not have to use those packages if you do not want to. You may use any package that provides php-http/async-client-implementation and http-message-implementation.


See the PHP API docs.