An authentication system using the Slim Framework.

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A very easy to use Slim 3 authentication system.

Latest Unstable Version License

If you stumble upon any vulnerabilities within this package, more importantly with the role/permission system, please send your findings to:

Getting Started


You will need the following to get started:

  • A web server with URL rewriting
  • PHP 5.5 or newer
  • A SSL certificate will be required in production environments! Check out HTTPS Is Easy for help setting this up!


Clone the project:

git clone your-project-name

Install the composer dependencies:

$ cd your-project-name && composer install

Inside your project folder, install the node dependencies using yarn or npm:

$ yarn install

Rename .env-example to .env

Update .env to your project's configuration


You will need to update the APP_ENV variable to "production" when serving your application outside of a local environment!

Build assets (prodution or development)

$ yarn prod
$ yarn dev

Database and Admin

  1. Import auth.sql file to your database.
  2. Open your site, register a new user and click on activation link sent to your email
  3. Go to phpMyAdmin, select user_roles table and insert a new record. Select your user on user_id field, select "superadmin" on role_id field and confirm.
  4. Login on site to see "Admin Dashboard" on header menu

Migrations and Seeds

Create migration file

php phinx create MigrationName

Create seed file

php phinx seed:create SeedName

Run migrations

php phinx migrate

Run seeds

php phinx seed:run

Use php phinx on terminal to see all available command list.

You will also need Google reCAPTCHA API keys. Get them here.

If you would like to completely disable reCAPTCHA, see this page

Check out the wiki for more information and details on how to add new controllers, routes and more.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details