The Cakefest Attendance App

3.0.x-dev 2019-02-15 00:25 UTC

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A fun app to socialize around the upcoming CakeFest this year. Join in and tell others about your planned trip to the conference, and maybe what else you are planning to do in the city.


  • CakePHP 3.4+
  • FriendsOfCake/Authenticate and FriendsOfCake/Search plugin
  • My Tools, Geo, TinyAuth and Setup plugins
  • Uses Migrations plugin for DB migration
  • Uses DebugKit plugin for development
  • Uses IdeHelper plugin for annotations


Auto-installation using Cakebox and Vagrant

This works for all OS.

Install your CakeBox and create a fresh app using cakebox application add cakefest.local.

  • Add the /etc/hosts entry as outlined.

Then vagrant ssh into it and

  • Go to the /Apps/ dir and replace it with the actual cakefest repo by moving it to some cakebox.backup it and git clone cakefest.local
  • Go into /Apps/cakefest.local/ dir
  • Create a /config/app_local.php/ config file with database credentials from CakeBox (you can use the app_local.default.php template and the generated "cakebox.backup config file").
  • Make sure you are in /Apps/cakefest.local/ again when running sh setup to install dependencies, DB and CO.
  • Check it out at http://cakefest.local.
  • Create an admin account to login in using bin/cake Setup.user create admin
  • Log in and create an event
  • Now the homepage should display something

Manual installation

  • Clone this repo via git - or download it manually.
  • Navigate into the ROOT folder.
  • Run composer install/update on it (this will also install CakePHP into the vendor folder and all plugins).
  • Create a /config/app_local.php/ config file with database credentials (you can use the app_local.default.php template).
  • Create a vhost with a local dev domain of your choice, e.g. cakefest.local, and use ROOT/webroot/ as document root.
  • Check it out at http://cakefest.local.
  • See other steps above for more


  • OptIn
  • Geo Map


  • Timezone
  • Contact Form
  • Meetups
  • Real time tweats etc