Unofficial PHP SDK for Flow, a chilean payment gateway.

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Flow SDK

The simplest (and unofficial) SDK for Flow you will find.

Flow is a chilean payment gateway that acts as a middleman for Webpay Plus, Onepay, Servipag, Multicaja and CryptoCompra.

With Flow, you don't have to register in each service and comply with each of their SDK, APIs or contracts. Flow will be in charge of the money collection and delivering to your commerce, whatever payment method the customer uses (and you want to enable), through a single common interface.


If you need PHP 5.6 compatibility, you can check the legacy branch.

If you're using Laravel, check out Laraflow, which connects your application gracefully with this package.


Install it in your project using Composer.

composer require darkghosthunter/flow-sdk

Manual installation

If you don't have Composer, you need to download composer.phar, and PHP manually if it's not available globally in your systems.

Once you're done, download this package into your server (or your own computer) and put the composer.phar file inside. Then, let Composer download the required packages:

cd /path/to/flow-sdk

path/to/php composer.phar install --optimize-autoloader --apcu-autoloader --no-dev

Then load the package anywhere in your code calling the Composer autoloader:


// Load the Flow SDK.
include_once(__DIR__ . '/path/to/flow-sdk/vendor/autoloader.php');

// Load my app
include_once(__DIR__ . '/www/index.php');

If you did this in your own computer, its recommended to zip the package and upload it to your server, and there use a Web UI File Manager and decompress it. Uploading multiple files may take you a lot of minutes instead of just one, specially under FTP.


Flow SDK was made to be very expressive but straightforward. This code should tell what we are doing without having to read the manual.


use DarkGhostHunter\FlowSdk\Flow;

$flow = Flow::make('production', [
    'apiKey'    => '1F90971E-8276-4713-97FF-2BLF5091EE3B',
    'secret'    => 'f8b45f9b8bcdb5702dc86a1b894492303741c405',

$paymentResponse = $flow->payment()->commit([
    'commerceOrder'     => 'order#123',
    'subject'           => 'Console',
    'amount'            => 99990,
    'email'             => '',
    'urlConfirmation'   => '',
    'urlReturn'         => '',
    'optional'          => [
        'Message' => 'Your order is being shipped!'

header('Location: '. $paymentResponse->getUrl());

Of course, is always recommended to RTFM. Refer to the Wiki to see how to use all the package in detail.


This package uses Semantic Versioning.

Just issue a PR (Pull Request) with good code quality and all tests passed (or add new ones) for new functionality, bugs, cleaning or whatever.


If you're lost and want some kind of quick prototyping, or you just want to know how a particular transaction process works, look into the examples directory.

PHP 5.6 Compatibility

Check out the legacy branch for PHP 5.6 compatibility. Since it's considered legacy, there is no promises on keeping it up-to-date.

Consider migrating to PHP 7.1 and above as soon as possible. PHP 5.6 and below, as well PHP 7.0 and below, will be no longer be supported by January 1th, 2019. Security releases won't be available for old PHP version after that date.¹.


This package is licenced by the MIT License.

This package is not related in any way, directly or indirectly, to any of the services, companies, products and/or services referenced in this package.