This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the damienharper/auditor-bundle package instead.

Integrate auditor library in your Symfony projects.

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auditor-bundle, formerly known as DoctrineAuditBundle integrates auditor library into any Symfony 3.4+ application.


You can try out this bundle by cloning its companion demo app. Follow instructions at auditor-bundle-demo.

Official Documentation

auditor-bundle official documentation can be found here.

Version Information

Version Status Requirements Badges
6.x Active development 🚀 (Not yet released) PHP >= 8.2, Symfony >= 5.4 auditor-bundle 6.x CI
Scrutinizer Code Quality
5.x Active support PHP >= 7.4, Symfony >= 4.4 auditor-bundle 5.x CI
Scrutinizer Code Quality
4.x End of life PHP >= 7.2, Symfony >= 3.4 auditor-bundle 4.x CI
Scrutinizer Code Quality
3.x End of life PHP >= 7.1, Symfony >= 3.4
2.x End of life PHP >= 7.1, Symfony >= 3.4
1.x End of life PHP >= 7.1, Symfony >= 3.4

Changelog is available here


Once installed and configured, any database change affecting audited entities will be logged to audit logs automatically. Also, running schema update or similar will automatically setup audit logs for every new auditable entity.


auditor-bundle is an open source project. Contributions made by the community are welcome. Send me your ideas, code reviews, pull requests and feature requests to help us improve this project.

Do not forget to provide unit tests when contributing to this project. To do so, follow instructions in this dedicated README



auditor-bundle is free to use and is licensed under the MIT license