Color Libraries and API for Laravel

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Laravel Color Library Package

This is a simple package to manage and seed various color libraries I find my self using all time. You can use the defaults or simple add your own. Laratone provides a few routes to allow simple access via url.


Install via composer

composer require daikazu/laratone

Publish config

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=laratone-config

You can change the table prefix name in the config to what ever you like.


return [
    'table_prefix' => 'laratone_', //default

Migrate Database table

php artisan migrate


Seed with default Color Books

Use the Laratone artisan command to seed Color Books to your database.

The following Color Books have been made available for you;

  • PantonePlusSolidCoated
  • PantonePlusSolidCoated336NewColors
  • PantoneMetallicCoated
  • PantonePlusMetallicCoated
  • GuangShunThreadColors
  • HCTwillColors

Seed all Color Books in Package

php artisan laratone:seed

Seed specific Color Books in Package

php artisan laratone:seed PantonePlusSolidCoatedSeeder

Seed your own Color Books

php artisan laratone:seed --file ./mycolorbookfile.json

Example Color Book format

  "name": "Pantone Plus Solid Coated",
  "data": [
      "name": "Yellow C",
      "lab": "88.19,-6.97,111.73",
      "hex": "FEDD00",
      "rgb": "254,221,0",
      "cmyk": "0,1,100,0"
      "name": "Yellow 012 C",
      "lab": "86.69,-3.2,109.49",
      "hex": "FFD700",
      "rgb": "255,215,0",
      "cmyk": "0,2,98,0"


Color Books

URL Parameter Required Description Default
sort false Sort Color Book By Name asc or desc asc


        "name": "Pantone Plus Solid Coated 336 new Colors",
        "slug": "pantone-plus-solid-coated-336-new-colors"
        "name": "Pantone Plus Solid Coated",
        "slug": "pantone-plus-solid-coated"


Return colors from ColorBook based on ColorBook slug ie.pantone-plus-solid-coated

URL Parameter Required Description Default
sort false Sort Colors By Name asc or desc asc
limit false Limit number of colors returned -
random false Set to true to randomize colors (overrides sort) false


    "name": "Pantone Plus Solid Coated",
    "slug": "pantone-plus-solid-coated",
    "colors": [
            "name": "100 C",
            "lab": null,
            "hex": "F6EB61",
            "rgb": null,
            "cmyk": null
            "name": "101 C",
            "lab": null,
            "hex": "F7EA48",
            "rgb": null,
            "cmyk": null


  • write tests (If someone would like to help with this please send a PR)


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.

Contributors ✨

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


Copyright © Mike Wall

Laratone is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.