PHP client for interacting with CloudFlare's SDK. CloudFlare is a copyright of CloudFlare, Inc. The authors of this tool has no association with CloudFlare, Inc.

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Provides a PHP client to interact with Cloudflare API see: https://api.cloudflare.com/ The SDK is designed to allow developers to work with CloudFlare without having to know all the low-level details of interacting with the API.

The API has been designed with ease of use in mind.

Note: CloudFlare is a trademark of CloudFlare Inc. This project is maintained independently of CloudFlare inc.

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See below for some common uses of the API:

$api_key = 'your_cloudflare_api_key';
$user_email = 'your_cloudflare_email'
$api = new \Drupal\cloudflare\ZoneApi($api_key, $user_email );
$zoneId = $api->listZones()[0]->getZoneId();
$zone = $api->loadZone($zoneId);
$zone_settings = $zone-> getSettings();

$result = $api->purgeIndividualFiles($zoneId, array('path1'));
$result = $api->setSecurityLevel($zoneId, 'low');



Parses incoming data from the API into typed data structures. Creating typed classes for the incoming data makes working with the API a lot simpler for Devs. It takes away the guess work for what's in an array.


Provides facilities to interact with the remote api. Each API endpoint extends CloudFlareAPI. A new endpoint based off CloudFlareAPI gets a lot of the structural work necessary to make requests.


The SDK relies on an exception model for error handling. When an unexpected result occurs an exception is thrown. When developing with the SDK you will need to provide try-catch blocks to handle at the applicaiton level. Different exceptions are thrown based on the area of the SDK where the exception occurs.


Provides facility for making webservice calls to cloudflare. It provides a wrapper around guzzle so that people using this module do not need to concern themselves with the low-level implementation details of guzzle.

Contribution Guidelines for Developers

User proper namespacing

All code in this SDK is name-spaced inside CloudFlarePhpSdk using PSR-4 autoloading.

Coding Standards

Contributed code must pass code sniffer.

Type Hinting

Typehint all variables and parameters. It makes life a LOT simpler for developers working with IDEs.

Unit Testing

The SDK has a goal of 100% PHPUnit test coverage. It normally hovers around 80% coverage. When submitting code please ensure that the change is either covered by existing tests OR provide new test!

Travis CI

The repo is configured to work with Travis CI. All pull requests are automatically enqueued for automated testing. PRs must pass automated testing before being considered for integration.