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Qkeylm (childcare) email notification

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Qkeylm is a portal for child cares. Unfortunately they don't offer email notifications for their daily journals. This script will fetch the data directly from the website and send out via email. Since the images are protected as well the script will download and attach these ones.


Qkeylm Email Notifier can be installed with Composer by adding it as a dependency to your project's composer.json file.

    "require": {
        "cpeter/php-qkeylm-email-notification": "*"

Please refer to Composer's documentation for more detailed installation and usage instructions.


The script can be run with this commnad:

./bin/php-qkeylm-email-notification notify

However before you run the command you need to specify some settings in the conf/config.yml file. You will need to specify the access details to the www.qkenhanced.com.au website, but also the child names you want to be highlighted in the notification emails.

Add as many recipients you want to the bcc section. From and to needs to be some email address you can use to send emails from.

The room name and child name must be specified as well. This can be found out once you logged in to www.qkenhanced.com.au via browser.

For any questions ro difficulties setting up the script contact the author of this script.


If you want to contribute to this project feel free to make PR's.

Definiteluy more unit tests needs to be added to the project, so feel free to make PR's for that. Any other improvement suggestions as welcome.

Run ant for available commands.