Symfony bundle for implementing Cookie Consent to comply to AVG/GDPR.

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Cookie Consent bundle for Symfony

Symfony bundle to append Cookie Consent to your website to comply to AVG/GDPR for cookies.


Step 1: Download using composer

In a Symfony application run this command to install and integrate Cookie Consent bundle in your application:

composer require connectholland/cookie-consent-bundle

Step 2: Enable the bundle

When not using symfony flex, enable the bundle in the kernel manually:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new ConnectHolland\CookieConsentBundle\CHCookieConsentBundle(),
        // ...

Step 3: Enable the routing

When not using symfony flex, enable the bundles routing manually:

# app/config/routing.yml
    resource: "@CHCookieConsentBundle/Resources/config/routing.yaml"

Step 4: Configure to your needs

Configure your Cookie Consent with the following possible settings

    theme: 'light' # light, dark
    categories: # Below are the default supported categories
        - 'analytics'
        - 'tracking'
        - 'marketing'
        - 'social_media'
    use_logger: true # Logs user actions to database
    position: 'top' # top, bottom
    simplified: false # When set to true the user can only deny or accept all cookies at once
    http_only: true # Sets HttpOnly on cookies


Twig implementation

Load the cookie consent in Twig via render_esi ( to prevent caching ) at any place you like:

{{ render_esi(path('')) }}
{{ render_esi(path('ch_cookie_consent.show_if_cookie_consent_not_set')) }}

If you want to load the cookie consent with a specific locale you can pass the locale as a parameter:

{{ render_esi(path('', { 'locale' : 'en' })) }}
{{ render_esi(path('ch_cookie_consent.show_if_cookie_consent_not_set', { 'locale' : app.request.locale })) }}


When a user submits the form the preferences are saved as cookies. The cookies have a lifetime of 1 year. The following cookies are saved:

  • Cookie_Consent: date of submit
  • Cookie_Consent_Key: Generated key as identifier to the submitted Cookie Consent of the user
  • Cookie_Category_[CATEGORY]: selected value of user (true or false)


AVG/GDPR requires all given cookie preferences of users to be explainable by the webmasters. For this we log all cookie preferences to the database. IP addresses are anonymized. This option can be disabled in the config.

Database logging


Dark Theme Light Theme


The following TwigExtension functions are available:

chcookieconsent_isCategoryAllowedByUser check if user has given it's permission for certain cookie categories

{% if chcookieconsent_isCategoryAllowedByUser('analytics') == true %}
{% endif %}

chcookieconsent_isCookieConsentSavedByUser check if user has saved any cookie preferences

{% if chcookieconsent_isCookieConsentSavedByUser() == true %}
{% endif %}



You can add or remove any category by changing the config and making sure there are translations available for these categories.


All texts can be altered via Symfony translations by overwriting the CHCookieConsentBundle translation files.


CHCookieConsentBundle comes with a default styling. A sass file is available in Resources/assets/css/cookie_consent.scss and a build css file is available in Resources/public/css/cookie_consent.css. Colors can easily be adjusted by setting the variables available in the sass file.

To install these assets run:

bin/console assets:install

And include the styling in your template:

{% include "@CHCookieConsent/cookie_consent_styling.html.twig" %}


By loading Resources/public/js/cookie_consent.js the cookie consent will be submitted via ajax and the cookie consent will be shown on top of your website while pushing down the rest of the website.


When a form button is clicked, the event of cookie-consent-form-submit-successful is created. Use the following code to listen to the event and add your custom functionality.

document.addEventListener('cookie-consent-form-submit-successful', function (e) {
    // ... your functionality
    // ... e.detail is available to see which button is clicked.
}, false);

Template Themes

You can override the templates by placing templates inside your project (except for Symfony 5 projects):

# app/Resources/CHCookieConsentBundle/views/cookie_consent.html.twig
{% extends '@!CHCookieConsent/cookie_consent.html.twig' %}

{% block title %}
    Your custom title
{% endblock %}

Template override for Symfony 5 projects

You can override the templates by placing templaces inside you project as below. Be careful, it is important to place templates at this location: "app/templates/bundles/CHCookieConsentBundle/" .

# app/templates/bundles/CHCookieConsentBundle/cookie_consent.html.twig
{% extends '@!CHCookieConsent/cookie_consent.html.twig' %}

{% block intro %}
    Your custom intro
{% endblock %}