CiviCRM Extension CLI

v21.04.1 2021-04-22 22:56 UTC


Civix is a command-line tool for building CiviCRM extensions. It is distributed as part of CiviCRM-Buildkit.


Download: Single Executable

Civix is distributed as a single, portable PHAR executable. As long as you have PHP-CLI properly configured, it should work as a simple download, e.g.

sudo curl -LsS -o /usr/local/bin/civix
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/civix

To upgrade an existing installation, simply re-download the latest civix.phar.

Download: Git + Composer (Linux/OS X)

To download the source tree and all dependencies, use git and composer, e.g.:

$ git clone
$ cd civix
$ composer install

Download: Git + Composer (Windows)

# Install composer
In a browser, visit
Click on the download button.
Scroll down to Windows Installer and click on Composer-Setup.exe.
Choose Run when prompted.

# Install git
If you don't already have git, then in a browser visit
Choose Run when prompted.
Leave all the defaults.

# Download civix
Decide where you want to install civix. You might want to put it in C:\Program Files, but you might get hassled about admin rights, in which case you can pick somewhere else, like C:\users\<your name>.
From the start menu choose All Programs -> Git -> Git Bash.
In the window that appears, type:
  cd "/c/users/<your name>"
  (note the forward slashes)
git clone git://

# Download dependencies
In windows explorer, navigate to C:\users\<your name> (or whereever you installed civix).
Shift-right-click on the civix folder.
Choose open command window here.
In the window that appears, type:
  composer install

# Add civix to the PATH
Either temporarily add it:
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\users\<your name>\civix\bin

OR permanently:
Start Menu -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables


The CiviCRM Developer Guide includes tutorials for building extensions

For reference documentation, civix supports a "--help" option. For example, to get reference materials about the "generate:page" command, run:

civix generate:page --help

Development: Custom Build

If you are developing new changes to civix and want to create custom build of civix.phar from source, you must have git, composer, and box installed. Then run:

$ git clone
$ cd civix
$ composer install
$ which box
$ php -dphar.readonly=0 /usr/local/bin/box build

Development: Testing

There isn't a proper test-suite, but the script tests/ will run all the code-generators (with a given build/version of CiviCRM). It's not pretty, though -- it assumes you're using buildkit and Drupal single-site.

bash tests/ ~/buildkit dmaster

## Make a copy of the original output.
cp -r ~/buildkit/build/dmaster/sites/all/modules/civicrm/tools/extensions/org.civicrm.civixexample{,-orig}

## Hack the code... then rerun...
bash tests/ ~/buildkit dmaster

## And see how the outputs changed.
colordiff -ru ~/buildkit/build/dmaster/sites/all/modules/civicrm/tools/extensions/org.civicrm.civixexample{-orig,}

## Tip: Use && to run the last two commands together
bash tests/ ~/buildkit dmaster && colordiff -ru ~/buildkit/build/dmaster/sites/all/modules/civicrm/tools/extensions/org.civicrm.civixexample{-orig,}