Bootstrap library for CiviCRM CLI tools




v0.3.48 2023-07-13 12:37 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-06 18:37:37 UTC


cv-lib is a subpackage provided by cv. It defines the essential core of cv -- locating and booting CiviCRM.

The canonical home for developing this code is in civicrm/cv. It will be periodically published to the read-only mirror civicrm/cv-lib to facilitate usage by other projects.


composer require civicrm/cv-lib

Primary API

The library provides a handful of supported classes:

  • Civi\Cv\CmsBootstrap supports the standard boot protocol. In this protocol, we search for a recognized UF/CMS, start that, and then start CiviCRM. The advantage of this protocol is that it is more representative of a typical HTTP-request. (Events and add-ons supported by UF/CMS and CRM will tend to work more normally.)

    Basic usage:


    Or you can pass in options:

    $options = [...];

    End-users may fine-tune the behavior by setting CIVICRM_BOOT (as documented in cv).

  • Civi\Cv\Bootstrap supports the legacy boot protocol. In this protocol, we search for civicrm.settings.php and start CiviCRM. Finally, we use civicrm-core API's to start the associated UF/CMS.

    Basic usage:

    $options = [...];
    \CRM_Utils_System::loadBootStrap([], FALSE);

    End-users may fine-tune the behavior by setting CIVICRM_SETTING (as documented in cv).

Both bootstrap mechanisms accept an optional set of hints and overrides.

For example, by default, cv-lib will print errors to STDERR, but you can override the handling of messages:

// Disable all output
$options['log'] = new \Psr\Log\NullLogger();

// Enable verbose logging to STDOUT/STDERR
$options['log'] = new \Civi\Cv\Log\StderrLogger('Bootstrap', TRUE);

// Use bridge between psr/log and symfony/console
$options['log'] = new \Symfony\Component\Console\Logger\ConsoleLogger($output);

// Use the console logger from cv cli. (Requires symfony/console. Looks a bit prettier.)
public function execute(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output) {
  $options['output'] = $output;

For more info about $options, see the docblocks.

Experimental API

Other classes are included, but their contracts are subject to change.

A particularly interesting one is BootTrait. This requires symfony/console, and it is used by most cv subcommands to achieve common behaviors:

  1. BootTrait defines certain CLI options (--level, --user, --hostname, etc).
  2. BootTrait automatically decides between Bootstrap.php and CmsBootstrap.php.
  3. BootTrait passes CLI options through to Bootstrap.php or CmsBootstrap.php.