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v0.17 2021-09-29 23:07 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-09-29 23:08:51 UTC


The "Compile" plugin enables developers of PHP libraries to define free-form "compilation" tasks, such as:

  • Converting SCSS to CSS
  • Generating PHP wrappers based on an XML schema

For site-builders who use these PHP libraries, compilation tasks run seamlessly during the regular download (composer install, etc).

For developers who publish PHP libraries, a task can be as simple as:

  "require": {"civicrm/composer-compile-plugin": "~0.14"},
  "extra": {
    "compile": [
      {"run": "@sh cd css; cat one.css two.css three.css > all.css"}

Tasks may be defined in several ways, including:

  • Shell command (@sh cat file-{1,2,3} > big-file)
  • PHP method (@php-method MyBuilder::build)
  • PHP eval (@php-eval file_put_contents('big-file', make_big_file());)
  • PHP script file (@php-script my-script.php)
  • Composer subcommand (@composer dump-autoload)


  • Easy to enable. No manual configuration for downstream site-builders. Framework agnostic.
  • Plays well with other composer tooling, like forked repositories, composer-patches, composer-locator, composer-downloads, and the autoloader.
  • Allows library repos to remain "clean" without committing build artifacts.
  • Runs locally in PHP. Does not require external/hosted services or additional interpreters.
  • Supports file monitoring for automatic rebuilds (composer compile:watch)
  • Enforces permission model to address historical concerns about composer hooks and untrusted libraries.
  • Integration-tests pass on both composer v1.10 and v2.0.


  • Managing the root package (for site-builders)
  • Working with tasks (for library developers)
  • Evaluate and compare against similar options
  • How to work with composer-compile-plugin.git (for plugin-development)

See also

  • composer-compile-lib: Small library of opinionated helpers/examples for specific compilation tasks -- meta-PHP, SCSS, etc
  • composer#1193: Old discussion thread about post-install hooks for dependencies