A PHP version of concurrently built atop ReactPHP and RxPHP.

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A PHP version of concurrently written atop ReactPHP and RxPHP.


  • PHP 7.2 or higher


Running multiple processes - especially those of the long-running variety - in distinct terminals is a practice that can become intractable, irrespective of Programming Language preferences. PHP, a language often derided for a lack of a rich assortment of programming artifacts, is despite the ill-conceived derision, an enabler of concurrency - via userspace tools like ReactPHP and RxPHP.

The impetus for creating and maintaining php-concurrently is, therefore, a combination of strivings: a desire to harness existent language ecosystem tools to make running multiple processes concurrently - in a single terminal window - possible.


Though it is possible to clone the repo, Composer remains the best tool for installing php-concurrently. To install the package via Composer, type the following in a console of your choosing.

$ composer global require chemem/php-concurrently

Basic Usage

php-concurrently is a console application whose usage rubric follows a familiar concurrently [options] [arguments] pattern. Shown below is a simple example to concurrently run two PHP processes - defined in the scipts section of a composer.json file - with php-concurrently.

$ concurrently "composer server:run,composer worker:run"

It is possible to add to a composer.json file - a php-concurrently-executable directive - in a manner akin to defining concurrently directives in package.json files.

  "scripts": {
    "app:run": "concurrently \"composer server:run, composer worker:run\"",
    "server:run": "php -f server.php 4000",
    "worker:run": "php -f worker.php"

Dealing with Problems

Endeavor to create an issue on GitHub when the need arises or send an email to


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