Reactive extensions for php.

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Reactive extensions for PHP. The reactive extensions for PHP are a set of libraries to compose asynchronous and event-based programs using observable streams.

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$source = \Rx\Observable::fromArray([1, 2, 3, 4]);

    function ($x) {
        echo 'Next: ', $x, PHP_EOL;
    function (Exception $ex) {
        echo 'Error: ', $ex->getMessage(), PHP_EOL;
    function () {
        echo 'Completed', PHP_EOL;

//Next: 1
//Next: 2
//Next: 3
//Next: 4

Try out the demos

$ git clone
$ cd RxPHP
$ composer install
$ php demo/interval/interval.php

Have fun running the demos in /demo.

note: When running the demos, the scheduler is automatically bootstrapped. When using RxPHP within your own project, you'll need to set the default scheduler.


  1. Install an event loop. Any event loop should work, but the ReactPHP event loop is recommended.
$ composer require react/event-loop
  1. Install RxPHP using composer.
$ composer require reactivex/rxphp
  1. Write some code.

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Rx\Observable;
use React\EventLoop\Factory;
use Rx\Scheduler;

$loop = Factory::create();

//You only need to set the default scheduler once
Scheduler::setDefaultFactory(function() use($loop){
    return new Scheduler\EventLoopScheduler($loop);

    ->flatMap(function ($i) {
        return Observable::of($i + 1);
    ->subscribe(function ($e) {
        echo $e, PHP_EOL;


Working with Promises

Some async PHP frameworks have yet to fully embrace the awesome power of observables. To help ease the transition, RxPHP has built in support for ReactPHP promises.

Mixing a promise into an observable stream:

    ->flatMap(function ($i) {
        return Observable::fromPromise(\React\Promise\resolve(42 + $i));
    ->subscribe(function ($v) {
        echo $v . PHP_EOL;

Converting an Observable into a promise. (This is useful for libraries that use generators and coroutines):

$observable = Observable::interval(1000)

$promise = $observable->toPromise();

Additional Information


RxPHP is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details