Command line app for managing autogiro donations

1.0.0-beta5 2019-12-10 13:52 UTC


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Command line app for managing autogiro donations.


As a phar archive (recommended)

Download the latest phar archive from the releases tab.

Optionally rename giroapp.phar to giroapp for a smoother experience.

Through composer

composer require byrokrat/giroapp

This will make giroapp avaliable as vendor/bin/giroapp.

From source

To build you need make

sudo make install

If composer is not installed as composer you can use something like

make COMPOSER_CMD=./composer.phar

Enabling bash autocompletion

Add the following to .bashrc (requires giroapp to be installed as giroapp).

source $(giroapp _complete --generate-bash-script --app-name=giroapp)

Getting started

By default giroapp looks for configurations in a file called giroapp.ini in the current working directory. Tell giroapp where to look for configurations be defining a GIROAPP_INI environment variable.

Run giroapp init to create a default giroapp.ini in the current working directory. Edit using a standard text editor.

Simply run giroapp to se the list of avaliable commands.


Giroapp supports dynamic plugins. Officially supported plugins:

  • Mailer: send mails on giroapp events.