Uploads your mobile builds to Diawi.com

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Quick hack to upload your mobile builds to Diawi. A tool for developers to deploy development and in-house applications directly to the devices.

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composer g require bushbaby/diawi-uploader

Installs this globally (usually to ~/.composer) so as long as ~/.composer/bin is on your PATH you'll be able to run it's commands.


You'll need to add a API token from diawi.com. Use the configure command to store it.

Usage Commands


diawi-uploader configure <option>

Will ask you for the appriopiate information regarding the option and persists it to ~/.diawi-uploader.php.

supported options:

  • token: The API token provided by diawi.com
  • find_by_udid: May users find apps by apps device id on diawi.com
  • wall_of_apps: Should apps by advertised on the 'wall of apps'.

Use diawi-uploader configure to show the currently set configuration options.


To upload a file to diawi use this simple command.

diawi-uploader upload <path>

To poll the processing of a job run the following command. Note that running the upload command will run this command automaticly.


diawi-uploader status <job>

Once the job has been successfully processed a browser is opened to the page on diawi.com


Currently only opens a final URL such as https://install.diawi.com/GtYhbDr on OSX.

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