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BoomCMS is a content management system which is designed to be easy for content editors and developers alike.

This is the core code for BoomCMS which is designed to be integrated into a laravel application.

To create a new BoomCMS app follow the installation instructions in the BoomCMS app.


Running tests

First install PHP dependencies with composer:

    composer install

You can then run tests with phpunit. However, some tests require access to a database. For these tests to pass you may need to specify database credentials:

    DB_PASSWORD=<password> DB_USERNAME=<username> DB_DATABASE=<database> DB_HOST=<host> DB_DRIVER=<driver> phpunit

The default values for these variables are:

  • DB_PASSWORD: empty
  • DB_USERNAME: root
  • DB_DATABASE: boomcms_tests
  • DB_HOST:
  • DB_DRIVER: mysql

You won't need to specify these options on the command line if the default values work for you.

Building JavaScript and CSS files

First install dependencies via NPM and bower:

    npm install
    bower install

Then create minified JavaScript and CSS files with grunt:

    grunt dist

The default grunt task is grunt watch which will build the JavaScript and CSS files when changes are made.