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Main requirement & dependency aggregator for Laravel Enso

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Main requirement & dependency aggregator for Laravel Enso.


  • core users, roles, permissions structure
  • project wide, middleware based, automatic logging of all user actions
  • configurable, selective, model event based logging of CRUD (& custom) actions
  • integrated avatar functionality with custom & automatic avatar generation
  • beautiful charts generation support
  • extensible, reusable file management core functionality with sharing capabilities
  • powerful, template based form builder with out of the box support for most use cases and the option for the customization of any input
  • model event based history tracking
  • middleware based user impersonation support for testing & troubleshooting
  • localisation & i18n support
  • Laravel log management functionality & interface
  • application menus management
  • user email & push notifications
  • extensible, core people functionality
  • integrated permissions management
  • easy to use caching support
  • user roles functionality with friendly interface for role configuration
  • customizable, project wide search support
  • template based CLI interface for the painless creation of the most needed file structures
  • trait based, event driven user tracking for any model state change
  • easy to use tutorial functionality for quick human operator training
  • model event driven, out of the box versioning support
  • aspect consistent ecosystem of front-end VueJS reusable components
  • highly powerful, full search, customizable, template based, huge data-set capable, front-end back-end integrated data table functionality with support for the export of the entire resultset and a great many other features
  • customizable, extensible, companies structure
  • template based, validation capable, asynchronous capable xlsx data import functionality featuring support for big files (the number of rows is limited only by the xlsx format)

Optional Features

  • customizable, extensible, generic addresses manager plugin
  • polymorphic, notification integrated comments functionality
  • intuitive discussions module
  • polymorphic, document upload and management functionality
  • easy to use, searchable, taggable videos support
  • core teams structure

Included packages

Action Logger, Activity Log, Avatar Manager 1, Charts, Companies, Data Export, Data Import, File Manager, Form Builder, Helpers, History Tracker, Impersonate, Localisation, Log Manager, Menu Manager, Notifications, People, Permission Manager, Rememberable, Role Manager, Searchable, Select, Structure Manager, TrackWho, Tutorial Manager, Versioning, Vue Components, VueDataTable,

Optional packages

Addresses Manager, Comments Manager, Discussions, Documents Manager 1, HowTo Videos Teams

Configuration & Details

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This package is released under the MIT license.