Latex and pdf generator for Symfony 2

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For whenever you want more flexibility than with any other PHP-PDF library

This bundle provides basic LaTeX support to ensure flexible PDF rendering in your Symfony2 application. The project was started as an idea to avoid the standard TCPDF library in the hope that the compilation of LaTeX can be done more efficiently and more consistently across machines.


The complete documentation can be found in the Resources/doc directory! Start by reading the table of contents.

Upgrade notes

Upgrade notes can be found in the UPGRADE.MD file.


  • Generate LaTeX (.tex) files using object oriënted programming
  • Generate PDF files from .tex files
  • HTTP responses containing the PDF using a single command
  • Basic caching system (do not regenerate the PDF when not needed)

In development

  • More standard LaTeX blocks


If you have any problem, you've found and error or want to contribute to this project, feel free to open a github ticket. Please first read submitting issues.