Laravel Multi Authentication

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This package simplifies multi authentication for your Laravel project, it will scaffold all the files you need for creating a custom guard as well as setting it up ready for use.


Laravel version Branch Install
5.3 2.x composer require bmatovu/multi-auth 2.*
5.4 3.x composer require bmatovu/multi-auth 3.*
5.5 4.x composer require bmatovu/multi-auth 4.*
5.6 5.x composer require bmatovu/multi-auth 5.*
5.7 6.x composer require bmatovu/multi-auth 6.*
5.8 master composer require bmatovu/multi-auth

Register Service Provider

In config/app.php (For Laravel: v5.3, v5.4)

'providers' => array(
    // ...

If you've cached your configurations, you need to run

$ php artisan config:cache


$ php artisan multi-auth:install {guard}

Default guard is named: admin be sure to use a guard name that suits your needs. This command will scaffold configurations, controllers, middleware, migrations, models, factories, notifications, routes, and views; to get you started.

See a full list of files created, or affected at

Run Database Migrations

$ php artisan migrate



Check guards:

$ php artisan tinker
>>> config('auth.guards');

Access guard instance:

Specify the guard instance you would like to use:

Auth::guard(<GUARD>)->user() like;


Check routes:

To find out which routes have been created for your guard

$ php artisan route:list

Email verification:

You may require users to verify their email addresses before using the application. Read the wiki on how to enable this.

I Need help!

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Reporting bugs

If you've stumbled across a bug, please help us by leaving as much information about the bug as possible, e.g.

  • Steps to reproduce
  • Expected result
  • Actual result

This will help us to fix the bug as quickly as possible, and if you wish to fix it yourself feel free to fork the package and submit a pull request!