Skeleton application for Bluz, a lightweight PHP framework

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Easy to setup, easy to use. Example application



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Bluz works with PHP 5.6 or later and MySQL 5.4 or later (please check requirements)

From composer

Download composer.phar, it's easy:

curl -s | php

Run create-project command (replace %path% ;):

php composer.phar create-project bluzphp/skeleton %path% --stability=dev

From repository

Get Bluz skeleton source files from GitHub repository:

git clone git:// %path%

Download composer.phar to the project folder:

cd %path%
curl -s | php

Install composer dependencies with the following command:

php composer.phar install

With PhpStorm

For install you need any web-server (for Windows) and PhpStorm. dows) и PhpStorm.

Create project in PhpStorm:

  1. File -> New project;
  2. Set the project name and location;
  3. In a Project type field choose Composer project;
  4. Check that radiobutton is set opposite "Download composer.phar from", type in a search field "bluzphp/skeleton", select this package in Available packages window and click OK.
  5. After that file composer.phar and all dependencies will be loaded.

Last step

Restore database structure from structure.ddl file (use InnoDB as the Default MySQL Storage Engine for avoid "Error Code: 1071"!). Restore default database data from dump.sql

Edit your configuration's files /path/to/application/configs/dev/*.php (configuration for development environment)

Run internal PHP web-server with simple console tool (for Linux):

/path/to/bin/ -e dev

Or create symlink to Apache document root (required FollowSymlinks option):

  • Linux
ln -s /path/to/public /path/to/web
  • Win
mklink /D /path/to/web path/to/public



 * @privilege View-User-Profile
 * @cache 5 minutes
 * @param integer $id
 * @return \closure
function($id) use ($view) {
     * @var Application $this
     * @var View $view
     $view->user = Users\Table::findRow($id);




namespace Application\Users;
class Table extends \Bluz\Db\Table
    protected $table = 'users';
    protected $primary = array('id');
namespace Application\Users;
 * @property integer $id
 * @property string $login
class Row extends \Bluz\Db\Row {





The project is developed by NIX Solutions PHP team and distributed under MIT LICENSE

NIX Solutions has OEM License of Redactor. Full text of Redactor License you can read at