A powerful web crawler and web scraper with Blackfire support

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Blackfire Player is a powerful performance testing application. It provides a nice DSL to crawl HTTP services, assert responses, and extract data from HTML/XML/JSON responses.

Read more about how to download and use Blackfire Player.


blackfire-player is distributed through a Docker image.

To run a scenario located in the my-scenario.bkf file, run the following command:

docker run --rm -it -e BLACKFIRE_CLIENT_ID -e BLACKFIRE_CLIENT_TOKEN -v "`pwd`:/app" blackfire/player run my-scenario.bkf

The pwd part is the local working directory (we are using the current directory here) and it is mapped to the /app path in the Docker container.

BLACKFIRE_CLIENT_ID and BLACKFIRE_CLIENT_TOKEN environment variables need to be properly exposed from the host in order to be able to use the :doc:`Blackfire Profiler integration </integrations/blackfire-player>`.


To make it simpler to run this command, you might create a shell alias (that you can store in a .bashrc or .zshrc file depending on your shell):

alias blackfire-player="docker run --rm -it -e BLACKFIRE_CLIENT_ID -e BLACKFIRE_CLIENT_TOKEN -v \"`pwd`:/app\" blackfire/player"

Don't forget to restart your terminal for it to take effect. You can then use blackfire-player as if it was the binary itself:

blackfire-player --version
blackfire-player list
blackfire-player run my-scenario.bkf