This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the leuchtfeuer/locate package instead.

The users country, preferred language and other facts will be detected. Depending on configurable rules the user can be redirected to other languages or pages. Locate also provides geo blocking for configurable pages in configurable countries.

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This TYPO3 extension provides some functions to assign a suitable language version of your website to the website user or to deny access to configurable pages in configurable countries (geo blocking).

The full documentation for the latest releases can be found here.


We are currently supporting following TYPO3 versions:

Extension Version TYPO3 v12 Support TYPO3 v11 Support TYPO3 v10 Support TYPO3 v9 Support
12.x x - - -
11.x - x x -
10.x - - x x

IPv6 Support

For an accurate IPv6 support, your PHP needs to support either gmp or bcmath. It also has to be compiled without the --disable-ipv6 option. The determination of IP addresses is also possible without these packages, but it is less precise.


You can contribute by making a pull request to the master branch of this repository. Or just send us some beers...

This site or product includes IP2Location LITE data available from