Sylius backend integration for Vue Storefront 2


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Sylius Vue Storefront 2 back-end integration enabling PWA and mobile-first experience in Sylius-based stores.

The plugin was developed by BitBag, the leading and biggest Sylius partner. We breath open-source in and out. If you like what we do, feel free to contact us. We are opened for partnership realtions and if you look for an experienced, open-source team that will be able to deliver an outstanding eCommerce solution, feel free to reach us too!

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This plugin allows you to integrate Sylius backend with Vue Storefront 2 integration.

This plugin allows you to expose all critical models and operations as graphql queries and mutations
It unlocks graphql-based API on top of ApiPlatform and JWT.

To check automatically generated GraphQL API Doc for your Vue Storefront 2 application - visit one of the following endpoints.

  api_graphql_entrypoint              /api/v2/graphql                                                                   
  api_graphql_graphiql                /api/v2/graphql/graphiql                                                          
  api_graphql_graphql_playground      /api/v2/graphql/graphql_playground

Please note that many of used functions and approaches both on Sylius and API Platform with Graphql support are still marked as experimental.


The plugin uses following 3rd party packages:

  • "sylius/sylius": "~1.11.0"
  • "webonyx/graphql-php": "^14.9"
  • "gesdinet/jwt-refresh-token-bundle": "^0.12.0"


For online communication, we invite you to chat with us & other users on Sylius Slack.

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This plugin's source code is completely free and released under the terms of the MIT license.


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